Frequently Asked Questions


How will my child benefit by studying French as a second language
Today, the French language is spoken by over 200 million people over the world and many jobs require skills in both French and English. Even when French is not a mandatory requirement, it can be a valuable asset in any profession that involves interacting with the public. Students gain significant advantages when they speak more than one language.

My child is in French immersion or is taking French lessons at school, how can you help?
Learn French Online is a complimentary tool to what your child is learning at school. Instructors will work with the vocabulary your child has learned at school and encourage him/her to use them in sentences.

Is French the first language of the instructors?
Yes, all our instructors speak French as their first language. You will learn the correct French pronunciations, pace and cadence by listening to phrases spoken by Native French speakers.

With so many language apps and YouTube teaching videos available, how is Learn French Online different?
To attain fluency in any language, you need someone to listen to you and correct your mistakes as you speak. No software or recorded lesson can do that. It needs to be a real person. That is why at Learn French Online, our instructors will offer your child instant feedback on his/her pronunciation and sentence structures. If he/she is having difficulties with pronunciation, our instructors will suggest improvements on the spot.

Why are each session 30 minutes?
Longer sessions tend to be exhausting for children when learning a new language. Studies have shown that 30 minutes session kept students more engaged, motivated and eager to learn.

How many sessions do I get in each package?
Each package provides 4 weekly sessions.

How many sessions do you recommend for my child to be able to speak and understand French?
We recommend a minimum of 24 sessions, which is about 6 months. Scheduling regular weekly sessions for your child is crucial because repetition provides the practice that he/she needs to master a new language. By speaking French regularly, your child will quickly build confidence which will catapult his/her progress forward!

What software and hardware do I need?
You will need a strong internet connection, a computer to connect to the internet and the free video conferencing tool Zoom.

How do I pay for the classes?
All payments are securely processed through Paypal which accepts both debits and credit cards payment.

What can I do to help my child if I don’t speak French?
Many parents/guardians of French as a second language students do not speak French. If you don’t speak French, you can still do a lot to support your child. Here’s how:

Show commitment to your child’s education by demonstrating an interest in French language and cultures (i.e. Between sessions ask your child to teach you some French words)
Keep a positive attitude about learning
Celebrate your child successes