Purchase Terms

Parent/Guardian (herein refer to as “you”) must accurately and truthfully completes Kids Learn French Online’s account registration process to purchase Classes on the Site for the purpose of enrolling their child.

Parent/Guardian will ensure that a responsible adult is present at all times in the house during online lessons. Instructors cannot accept responsibility for child-minding or supervision of children in the absence of a responsible adult. Parent/Guardian or a responsible adult who you designate, should monitor your child’s participation in Learn French Online classes.

Parent/Guardian, siblings or others cannot be on camera with the child during the online classes as only the students registered in the class are allowed to interact with each other.

Learn French Online, and its individual instructors, expect students being tutored to behave appropriately during online group lessons. Student cell phones should be turned off. Instructors will not enforce discipline. Parent/Guardian is responsible at all times to ensure that individuals being tutored refrain from unruly or obstreperous behavior and shall take such actions as may be necessary to ensure a proper learning environment exists during online sessions.

Learn French Online classes are powered by the LearnFrenchOnline.ca website and by a video conferencing platform called Zoom. All Zoom meetings on Learn French Online are password protected to ensure only instructors and students can access them. Additionally, our meetings are customized to give control to teachers (not students) over basic functions like screensharing and audio/video, which allows teachers to take swift action in the event of a problem arising in class.

Learn French Online has a 48-hour cancellation/re-scheduling policy. In the event Parent/Guardian wishes to reschedule or cancel a class session, Parent/Guardian shall give the instructors at least 48 hours’ notice, it may be possible to come to one of the other group classes with prior arrangement to make up the class.

In the event that Parent/Guardian does not provide at least 24 hours’ notice of the need to cancel or reschedule a session, no lesson will be re-scheduled.

NO REFUND will be offered.

In the event an instructor is unable to be present at a scheduled tutoring session, the instructor shall provide as much notice as possible to Parent/Guardian and the session will be rescheduled.

Learn French Online screens every instructor for their background, teaching experience and motivation. We conduct a background check for identity verification and criminal record checks before an instructor starts their first class.

Parent/Guardian recognizes that the instructor is on contract with Learn French Online.
Parent/Guardian hereby waives any claim it may have against Learn French Online for losses incurred or damages suffered as a result of the provision of group online French lessons pursuant to this agreement and our Terms of Use. Parent/Guardian further expressly agrees to indemnify Learn French Online with respect to any claim made by a third party against Learn French Online resulting directly or indirectly from the provision of tutoring services pursuant to this agreement and our Terms of Use. Notwithstanding the foregoing, this waiver and indemnification do not extend to deliberate acts of wrongdoing on the part of Learn French Online.